I love the art of storytelling.

I strongly believe that we are the tales we tell of ourselves,
our communities, and our world.

Making good stories is more than putting words together in interesting ways.
It’s about solid communication, being open-minded, and seeing ways to deepen an author’s creative vision, while also adding to their creative toolkit.

I am a Hugo Award-winning developmental fiction editor, freelance writer, public speaker, podcast producer, and all-around nerd, bringing over a decade of Big Five traditional publishing expertise to the table. I’m a former editor at Tom Doherty Associates (for the imprints Tor Books, Tor Teen, Starscape & Tor.com Publishing), where I acquired science fiction and fantasy novels, short fiction, and full-volume comics. I currently work as Story Producer at Realm developing unique and cutting-edge audio drama and fiction.

I am available for publishing consulting services, speaking engagements, conference presentations / panels, and workshop teaching. I have expertise in science fiction & fantasy, horror, young adult, middle-grade stories, and comics. With work experience in the areas of editorial, sales & marketing, and social media, I offer a unique view of the publishing & new media industry and your book’s place in it!

I have expertise in science fiction & fantasy, horror, young adult, middle-grade stories, and comics. My comfort zone in editing is broad: from literary to commercial, flash fiction to door-stoppers, prose novels and graphic novels. Please note that I do not edit the following: non-fiction, poetry, screenplays, or picture books.

Please note that for 2021, I have limited availability for editorial assessments, developmental editing, sensitivity reading, and query reviews. I’m also open to discuss speaking engagements and workshops. Please use the Contact page for all inquiries.

Editorial Assessment

For a basic first step in editing your manuscript, try an editorial assessment. You will receive an editorial letter with overarching suggestions on areas of improvement, along with feedback on what works well. It doesn’t include line edits and costs less than the developmental and line editing stages.

Developmental and Line Edits

With a developmental edit, you will receive an editorial letter that will contain overarching thoughts, what elements work well, and suggestions toward larger structural changes, as well as line edits via track changes and comments throughout. As the most extensive and comprehensive type of edit, this will polish your manuscript.

Query Letter Critique (with optional 10-page edit)

A well-written query letter gives your book the best chance at getting agent representation. However, it requires a different skill set than writing a great novel. I can help catch an agent’s attention in a letter written with an eye towards the market. Query letter critiques will also include comparison titles and other industry-oriented notes to present your book in the best light. You can also package your query letter critique with a line-edit of the first ten pages of your manuscript to really put your best foot forward.

Sensitivity Reading / Cultural Consultant

Are you writing characters outside of your background and would appreciate some editorial advice? I am also open to sensitivity reading in the following areas, as well as providing general guidance on writing across difference.

  • LGBTQ topics (representation of the community, authenticity of characters, interpersonal relationships between queer folx, family and friendship relationships, social and political elements)
  • Asian-American community (with knowledge of diaspora immigrant communities, first & second generation narratives, immigrant & non-immigration stories, portrayals of the Vietnamese-American community)
  • General editorial sensitivity comments concerning portrayals of disability, mental illness, race & ethnicity, gender & gender roles, ageism

Workshops & Speaking Engagements

I also have extensive experience conducting writer’s workshops where I share my editorial insights in a group setting and provide one-on-one feedback on submissions. From my 10+ years as an academic and convention speaker, I’ve also done keynotes, classroom presentations, and panel moderation. Feel free to invite me to your next conference.

A selection of notable and award-winning fiction I’ve acquired and edited over the years.